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BCP has an e-mail list, "TheList", where you can exchange experiences and information about rides, bikes, and other cycling related matters. Over 1000 people are subscribed, and can send & receive messages on this list. The list is open to members and non-members, and the posts on the list represent the opinions of the individual subscriber and do not represent the official policy or opinion of BCP.

BCP also offers a "Wall" to members only that allows an additional way to share information  among members of the club. The wall allows you to post picures, txt and documents to all club members


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General Information on Subscription and Use of the Email List:

The address is 

To subscribe or unsubscribe or change your individual options, go to http://five.pairlist.net/mailman/listinfo/thelist.

Once subscribed, you can post and read messages. To send a message to the BCP E-mail list, simply address it to 

TheList will accept messages ONLY from your subscribed email account.

Please understand that nothing you post is private. Put another way, people can look up your comments for eternity, so think twice before you post.

Your message will be posted almost immediately.

Please direct replies to the sender (the default), unless you feel it would be of interest to the several hundred other TheList subscribers

Messages should be short, text only, and to the point.

If you have photos, long articles, or other lengthy material, DO NOT put it into your message because your email will be rejected. You may send a link to the material or offer to mail it to anyone who is interested.

The Subject line should indicate if the message is not of general interest. Examples:

FOR SALE: Trek xxxx
HIKING: Sunday, 4/29
SOCIAL: Bowling Night

If you have problems with or questions about this email list, contact the email list manager,  Chris Shelton


Policy on the Use of the Email List

  1. The BCP list is for posting Bicycle Club of Philadelphia information only, such as ride reports, upcoming rides, highlights of club activities; also other cycling related information such as events, equipment, and safety issues which are of general interest to our members.

  2. When replying to a message on the list, PLEASE reply to the person who sent the message, unless it would interest hundreds of other TheList subscribers.

  3. No general commercial advertisements are allowed.

  4. Local Bike Shops can place an email on the BCP email list about sales and events at their bike shops, as long as the email is clearly labeled as an advertisement in the subject line. This policy was adopted by the BCP Board,and represents a compromise balancing the interest of persons who want to support local bike shops and know about bike sales and events at local bike shops against the need to be protected against unbridled advertisements from hundreds of national retailers.

  5. Do NOT solicit funds for charity rides on TheList. Many cyclists participate in charity rides where they must raise funds. Such solicitation would inundate the list.

  6. Do NOT send chain letters, virus warnings, good Samaritan notices, e-mail surveys, etc.


Etiquette on Using the Email List And Wall

Report any breach of civility to the attention of any BCP Board of Director member. Those sending inappropriate emails to the list can be placed on moderated status, or even unsubscribed.

  1. Please be considerate and courteous, as over 1000 people will immediately receive your email.

  2. Begin by assuming the best in others.

  3. Do not make personal attacks. As you write in response to other posts, address the issue, not the person.

  4. Do not FLAME or argue with people on the list. Contact the person privately or ask the list manager to deal with the situation.

  5. DO pause before you send an email. Does it say what you mean? Could it give offense to someone? Does it follow the rules? Change it BEFORE you send it!

Contact the list manager if you have questions or suggestions.